October 2

14 Hygiene Supplies That All Preppers Should Store


by Jeff Jones

What should you stock?

During a crisis, several problems could arise as far as personal hygiene goes. Should there be a natural disaster such as a flood or earthquake, there is a very real possibility that the roads may be impassable.

Getting to the store can be difficult, and even if you did get there, the store may be closed, or in a worst-case scenario, totally destroyed by the impact of the disaster.

If all you have at home is an almost empty tube of toothpaste and half a roll of toilet paper, the next few days are going to be uncomfortable to say the least. Having enough supplies for your personal hygiene needs is more than just about your health and wellbeing.

Toilet Paper

Stress relief

It’s also a form of stress relief. If you’re stuck at home because the roads are flooded or the shelves in the store are empty due to people grabbing whatever they could in a panic, knowing that you have the basic creature comforts such as toilet paper, wet wipes, mouthwash, etc. will help to ease your mind.

Below you’ll find a list of products that you should store in case of a crisis. Most of these items last a long time. So, it shouldn’t be much of a hassle as far as rotating your supplies go.  Let’s look at the list.

1. Toothbrushes


2. Mouthwash

3. Toothpaste

One big tube for adults and one for the kids (if you have any)

4. 1 Box of Dental Floss

5. Toilet Paper

Enough to last you 8 weeks

6. 2 Bars of Soap

It’s better to use soap bars rather than liquid soap that finishes sooner


7. Wet Wipes

Enough to last you for 3 to 4 weeks

8. 1 Bottle of Shampoo

This should last you for a month

9. Hand Moisturizer & Hand Sanitizer

10. Sanitary Pads

This is one of those items that is very handy. If someone is wounded, sanitary pads can be used as improvised dressing to staunch the bleeding. That said, women may want enough supplies to last them anywhere from 3 to 4 months.

11. Towels

During a crisis, there may be a water shortage and you may only be able to use wet towels to wipe yourself down. So, have sufficient small towels for all the members in your family.


12. Portable Toilet

In the event you run out of water to flush your toilet, you can use a portable toilet that uses disposable waste bags. That will make clean up easier.

13. Q-Tips & Nail Clippers

14. Shaving Cream and Razors

If you use them.


Besides these 14 products, you may have a skin care routine or other hygiene products that you use daily or frequently. Take note of what these are and have extra supplies of them.

Store as much of them as space will allow. During a crisis, you can always barter the extra supplies for items that you may need. Personal hygiene products will ALWAYS be in demand when there’s a shortage of them. As a savvy prepper, you’ll understand the value in storing these items.


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